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GreenEarth Cleaning

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Get The Facts. Pristine clean without harmful chemicals. Hindsight is easy. Foresight is profitable.

Alternative System Comparison

Alternative Solvents

This alternative systems at-a-glance provides a detailed comparison of a variety of systems now available to dry cleaners.

"I love GreenEarth. It's a pleasure to press silk."
Jo Bourke, Warragul Dry Cleaners, VIC

"Eight jackets came out of the load. Not one needed pressing."
Nicki, Highlands Cleaners, NSW

"Best thing Ive ever done."
David Thompson, Gouge Quality Cleaners, NSW

Why GreenEarth?

Join the GreenEarth Revolution
GreenEarth Cleaning is better for the environment; for clothes; and for your business.

No teas-ing.

In all the talk about "sustainable businesses", an important issue often overlooked is the sustainability of the business itself. Going green with GreenEarth Cleaning must not only help the environment, but the dry cleaning business as well.

Worldwide growth Our Worldwide Growth

As a GreenEarth licencee, you'll be part of a growing and recognized brand, with the support and experience that goes along with it - a brand that keeps customers coming back. Licencee options are available in Australia and New Zealand.

GreenEarth solvent Our Product

The built-in advantage of GreenEarth is that it is the one green dry cleaning system that doesn't cost any more to use. Machines that can run with silicone solvent are no more expensive than traditional dry cleaning machines and they can be configured to operate with less energy and expense using new filtration technologies. Clothes processed in GreenEarth come out with less static, lint, wrinkling or the need for special handling, reducing the time and expense of processing and finishing. With productivity and operating efficiencies like these, going green with GreenEarth can actually improve your bottom line.

GreenEarth support Our Support Network

When you join the GreenEarth Family, you'll get world-class support before you open your business or buy a new machine, continuing as you deliver your first GreenEarth cleaned garment and beyond. Our licencee support system features:


GreenEarth Cleaning offers online video training on proper standard operating procedures for stain removal. The video is specific to GreenEarth Cleaning and the Adco, Kreussler and Seitz product lines, and features representatives from each company demonstrating tools and techniques for pre and post spotting.

Produced with the help of an unprecedented collaboration between additive companies that normally compete with one another, GreenEarth’s video puts the spotlight on a growing industry need for hands-on training at the spotting board. “Today, a great deal of the dry cleaning operation is automated—it’s relatively easy for someone new to step in and run the machines. But spotting is a different animal. Even though the technology has advanced a great deal, the process is still done by hand and requires a certain level of expertise,” said Jim Douglas, Technical Director for GreenEarth Cleaning. “As more and more second and third generation dry cleaners retire from the family business, spotting is becoming something of a lost art in our industry.”


Providing direct mail campaigns, in store videos, products, and brochures, swing tags and coupons; all designed to promote and grow your dry cleaning business.

Purchasing cooperative

Share the expense among Licencees to buy marketing materials cost effectively.

Field support

An on site visit just following each installation to ensure a quality result.

And much more!