See, Touch and Smell the GreenEarth Difference

Past Discovery Events

Farrington Dry Cleaners

GreenEarth showcased its swatch testing, the results of cleaning of embellishments in multiple solvents and the successes of the GreenEarth process. Dry cleaners were provided an opportunity to see, touch and smell the GreenEarth difference.

Cleveland Dry Cleaners, Brisbane, May 2013

DIA Conference and Exhibit, Melbourne, Feb 2013

Farrington Dry Cleaners, Perth, Oct 2012

Lawrence Dry Cleaners, Sydney, 0ct 2012

Upcoming Discovery Event

Coming to a city near you!

A Discovery Event is an opportunity to . . . See - Touch - Smell the GreenEarth difference.

Drycleaners visit an operating plant or active display and talk to the owners and cleaners that use it every day.

It's an opportunity to review real-world tested garments with plastic beads, delicate silks, brilliant colours with bleeding concerns, and difficult to remove spots.

GreenClean 2014
Thank you for joining us


Australian Technology Park
Sydney, NSW

Held in conjunction with the TwinClean Showcase.

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They Shared the Fun

In June, at the 2013 USA CleanShow in the French Quarter of New Orleans. . .

It was an Aussie Party at the largest equipment show in the U.S. held every two years.
GreenEarth party
Every Aussie was invited by GreenEarth to share our success. Everyone who attended had a great evening.

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