See, Touch and Smell the GreenEarth Difference

Dry cleaning you can feel good about.

A video story about why the GreenEarth cleaning process is better for the earth, better for your clothes, better for you.

Earth Friendly

Say goodbye to hazardous chemicals, carbon-based chemicals, or toxic air contaminants. Say hello to cleaner air, water and soil.

GreenEarth chemicals No hazardous chemicals. Not a carbon-based petroleum product

GreenEarth VOC Not a VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)

GreenEarth silicone Pure liquid silicone - clear, odourless, gentle

Our name means a lot.

GreenEarth is a dry cleaning process that is completely safe. It has no hazardous chemicals. No perchloroethylene. No petroleum. So there’s no risk to the air, water or soil.

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Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream.

GreenEarth cleans with pure liquid silicone. In essence, liquefied sand. The same natural sand the earth has been creating for over six billion years. It is clear, odourless and gentle. In the environment, silicone simply returns to its three natural elements: sand (SiO2) and trace amounts of water and CO2.

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Petroleum-based solvents most dry cleaners use are heavily regulated. That’s because they can be extremely hazardous to the earth and people when they aren’t handled properly.

Most dry cleaners use a synthetic chlorinated hydrocarbon solvent known as perc (perchloroethylene). It has been classified by the EPA as a toxic air contaminant, a hazardous, potentially carcinogenic substance and one of the top four contaminants found in drinking water. It can enter your body when you inhale its vapors or touch it. Perc can irritate your skin, eyes, nose or throat, and affects your brain much like alcohol does (e.g. dizziness, headache, nausea, loss of balance or coordination, etc.). California has recently banned the use of perc.

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Beware of “green washing”!

The second most common type of solvent used in dry cleaning is hydrocarbon, also petroleum-based. Hydrocarbon is sometimes marketed as “organic”. Beware! From a chemistry standpoint, anything with a chain of carbons can be labeled “organic”. That doesn’t mean it’s environmentally friendly or chemical-free. Gasoline is organic, but you wouldn’t want to wash your clothes in it.

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Breathe easy.

Hydrocarbon solvents are classified as volatile air contaminants (VOCs), meaning they can vaporize into the atmosphere and contribute to smog and global warming. But GreenEarth is not classified as a VOC by the U.S. EPA. It’s good for the clothes you wear and for the air you breathe.