Increasingly, manufacturers of high quality garments are recommending dry cleaning in GreenEarth on their care labels.


Just to name a few...

Some garment manufacturers recommend the GreenEarth dry cleaning process because it aligns with their commitment to environmental sustability and care, while others recommend GreenEarth because the fabrics, trims and embelishments they use to create their masterpieces simply can't be cleaned in any other dry cleaning solvent. 


GreenEarth is proud to support every manufacturer in the garment industry who wishes to make a commitment toward a greener, more sustainable business practise. 


GreenEarth is safe for a wide range of garments: lace, wedding gowns, beads and sequins, hand painted fabrics, silks, leather, suede, microfiber, even rubber backed drapes, acetate and elastic. They can all be cleaned without risk of damage. Clothes look newer longer. Colors stay bright and vivid. Whites are whiter, and repeated cleanings won't cause yellowing over time. And unlike other alternatives, GreenEarth doesn't cause shrinkage. Clothes always retain their correct size and shape no matter how many times they are cleaned. Garments come out of a GreenEarth bath with very little wrinkling, no static and a soft hand so they need less ironing and finishing, which also means less wear and tear on clothes.


GreenEarth is the solution that the fashion industry has been looking for. With the huge influx of delicately embroidered and highly embellished styles, "problem items" damaged by both washing and traditional dry cleaning methods, more and more textile and garment manufacturers are specifically requesting the GreenEarth Cleaning method. Traditionally, garment manufacturers and dry cleaners have been in conflict with each other, each side predisposed to viewing the other as the party deserving of blame in cleaning damage claims. Manufacturers can trust that a GreenEarth licensed dry cleaner is using a gentle process that does not pose risk of damage, so they can work as a team on behalf of the consumer.

"Herve Leger care label tag advises that all dresses and skirts be professionally dry cleaned.

If you are concerned as your dress and or skirt contain sequins and beads we suggest you find a professional dry cleaner who uses 'GreenEarth', a new solvent that does not harm beads or sequins."