GreenEarth Australasia was established to provide local dry cleaners with the opportunity to use an environmentally friendly dry cleaning solution for their operation and their customers

We work with:

Over 90 locations

throughout Australia,

New Zealand and Fiji

8% of the dry cleaning
industry has changed

over to GreenEarth

328,000 customers

now being served


GreenEarth dry cleaners annually achieve:

233,130 kg of perc eliminated from

the environment


77,597 kg of hazardous solid waste removed from the waste stream

152,412 kg of perc

no longer in garments

after dry cleaning


It's safer for you, the environment and it's better for your clothes

We are a company created to provide an environmentally friendly cleaning solvent for Australasian dry cleaners.


Dry cleaners have worked hard, and successfully, to reduce carbon-based emissions and control many of the environmental risks associated with the use of petrochemical solvents, but we always hoped for a better alternative; one that would meet the needs of customers and dry cleaners while protecting the communities in which we live.


The goal of GreenEarth Cleaning Australasia is to provide a non-hazardous cleaning solution to Australian and New Zealand dry cleaners; to eliminate future water and soil contamination common to existing carbon-based (organic), hazardous solvent usage and provide an environmentally friendly choice to all dry cleaners and their customers.


Building strong industry links and offering full support to Affiliates

GreenEarth does not sell solvent, equipment, or detergent, but has built partnerships benefiting the entire Industry. This business model provides full access to the GreenEarth process for all dry cleaners throughout the country and the widest distribution of the product to serve the broadest spectrum of consumers. GreenEarth receives a small, annual licence fee from the dry cleaner.


A full package of support is available, at no additional cost, to these small business owners to assist in their communications to the customers and retailers including training, advertising, purchasing cooperative, field support, and access to an international brain trust.


An extensive and coordinated partnership with all facets of the industry.


Karl Chehade
Director & Technical Advisor

Karl Chehade has 25 years experience in the drycleaning industry as the Managing Director of Karl Chehade Drycleaning, one of Australia’s largest drycleaning enterprises.


Karl has also served the Industry body as an executive Director and State president for over 12 years.

A winner of the 'Australian Drycleaner of the Year'.

Holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (Adelaide University).

Karl provides his operational expertise to GreenEarth affiliates and shares his extensive knowledge of the process with all those involved.


Roger Bancroft

Sadly, Roger Bancroft passed away in 2016, however the memory of his dedication to the industry lives on through GreenEarth and beyond.

The third generation of the Bancroft Family to enter the dry cleaning business bearing the Bancroft family name with his son, Nicholas, now the Managing Director and representing the fourth generation to enter the Bancroft Dry Cleaning business.


Pioneered the introduction of point of sale Dry Cleaning Computer Systems into Australia and South East Asia in 1989.


Appointed a Justice Of The Peace by the State Government of Victoria in 1983. Still serving in that capacity.


Professional Affiliations, Awards & Honors:


Elected as the Victorian State Executive of The Dry Cleaning Institute of Australia in 1968. Retired 2002.


Recipient of the Dry Cleaning Industry ”Overseas Study Award" in 1971.


Elected President of The International Drycleaners Congress in 1973.


Awarded an “Honorary Life Membership“ by The Dry Cleaning Institute of Australia –National Body – October 2003.