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Founded in 1999, GreenEarth Cleaning is the world's largest solution provider for environmentally friendly dry cleaning. 

For decades, customers and dry cleaners had no real choice but to clean clothes in harsh, petrochemical solvents with known health and environmental risks. GreenEarth is an environmentally safe dry cleaning process that replaces petroleum-based solvents with 100% pure liquid silicone, a gentle solution made from one of the earth's safest and most abundant natural resources: silica, or sand.


We are a company created and run by former dry cleaners. As dry cleaners we worked hard to reduce carbon-based emissions and control many of the risks associated with the use of petrochemical solvents. But we always hoped for a better alternative. One that would meet the needs of customers and dry cleaners while protecting the communities in which we live.


GreenEarth Cleaning licenses to quality dry cleaners operating more than 1,600 machines on 5 continents and in 44 countries. In return for an annual licensing fee, we provide technical, operating and marketing support to our licensed Affiliates. To ensure that our licensed Affiliates benefit from the latest cutting-edge, clean technologies, we have partnered with Procter & Gamble and General Electric, as well as the industry's leading detergent and equipment manufacturers.


250 130 kg

toxic chemicals

eliminated annually 



in Australasia

75 597kg

hazarduos waste


275 000

customers served


the team


GreenEarth does not sell solvent, equipment, or detergent, but has built partnerships benefiting the entire Industry. This business model provides full access to the GreenEarth process for all dry cleaners throughout the country and the widest distribution of the product to serve the broadest spectrum of consumers. GreenEarth receives a small, annual licence fee from the dry cleaner.


A full package of support is available, at no additional cost, to these small business owners to assist in their communications to the customers and retailers including training, advertising, purchasing cooperative, field support, and access to an international brain trust.


An extensive and coordinated partnership with all facets of the industry.



There's a scientific reason why garments look and feel better after cleaning in GreenEarth.

What is GreenEarth dry cleaning?


To truly apprectiate the GreenEarth difference, it's important to first understand the basics of dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is so called because it does not use water. It still involves a washing-like machine, but instead of water being pumped into the drum and the garments being 'washed' in water, a solvent is used instead. Traditionally, dry cleaning is performed in a solvent called percholorethylene, but modern solvents also include hydrocarbon and K4.


So how is GreenEarth dry cleaning different? Well, the GreenEarth Cleaning process uses 100% pure liquid silicone (also known as D5) in place of petrochemicals. Liquid silicone is simply sand, but in a liquified state. 


What makes GreenEarth environmentally friendly?


Silicone is non-hazardous and non-toxic to the environment. When released to the environment, it safely breaks down into the three natural elements it is made from: sand (SiO2) and trace amounts of water and carbon dioxide, which means it is safe for the air, water and soil.


GreenEarth is safe for people too. If you wanted to, you could safely rub it on your skin. In fact you probably already do. Liquid silicone is the base ingredient in many everyday shampoos, conditioners and lotions.


How does all this benefit my clothes?


Because clothes cleaned the GreenEarth way aren’t bathed in perc or other petrochemical solvents, they come back fresh and clean without unpleasant “dry cleaning” odour. GreenEarth is also very gentle on clothes. You can actually see and feel the difference it makes. Colors don’t fade and whites don’t gray or yellow the way they do in traditional dry cleaning, even after repeated cleaning. Everything feels better too. Fabrics are smooth and silky, and woolens feel soft and supple again.


Liquid silicone is chemically inert, meaning it doesn’t chemically react with fabric fibers. It just carries the detergent to your clothes and gently carries away the dirt and oil. It also is very light in weight and has a very low surface tension, allowing it to gently penetrate fabric fibers and rinse away dirt in a way that water or perc cannot, so it cleans without being abrasive or aggressive, leaching dyes or damaging trims. That’s why it is such a safe and effective green cleaner for even the most delicate garments–beads, delicate lace, silk, cashmere, you name it–with GreenEarth, there’s nothing to worry about. And, unlike many other cleaning methods, GreenEarth won’t cause shrinkage.


GreenEarth is the most independently tested and reviewed dry cleaning technology in the world.


So when we say that it's better for the environment and for garments, we say that with the backing of environmental scientists and textile engineers. 

Others say they're environmentally friendly, but GreenEarth actually is


"...the use of D5 as an alternative dry cleaning solvent will not pose an adverse health risk to the public...ARB sees no need to regulate its use in dry cleaning."

California Air Resources Board

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